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From Bee who is a harlot

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quizzes

The meme Gods are generous today.
- The aforementioned name of the restaurant and hopeful yet perverse customers
- Breakfast meetings
- Double and triple reservation bookings of large parties
- Slight sexual harassment because apparently I have an ass someone could ... fry an egg on?
- No ghost
- The relationship between the head chef and the sous chef and the subsequent looks, gestures, and comments
- Turn on the T.V.
- Check if I've forgotten something
- Glance through the newspaper if I picked it up that day
- Watch Eddie
- See what the ghost is up to
- Make something to eat

MYL l 66.1 - Make a list of good memories.

- Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my mom
- Those few years Eddie and I were friggin' inseparable
- The sex in his kitchen
- The sex at his engagement party and conversation at the Good Knight Motel
- Meeting up with Eddie back in New York
- Fun with Bee and her dog, sometimes I miss Searchlight
- Fun with Eddie at the hotel in New York
- The day we moved into our apartment
- This morning
- Regis and Kelly Ripa
- Good Morning America
- The Today Show
- The View
- Best Week Ever
- Sober House
- Country music videos
- Just, really bad movies in general
- Anything with Paris Hilton

CT l 51.6 - Interview

In an attempt to grab the handle, Ford missed the handle itself and fell into the doorway, his knuckles falling forward as well. A blonde witness who was leaving the restaurant laughed - only after giving Ford a sympathetic look. Standing up again, Ford grasped the handle, this time making sure he was looking at the door in front of him and pulled it open.

As the young psychic stepped inside the restaurant, he felt his back pocket vibrate, taking a moment to pull out his phone. Eddie had sent him a text message for good luck which made Ford smile. Tucking it away again, he walked to the hostess' area and waved at the woman who looked young enough to be in high school.

"One?" she asked, holding her finger up, and tapping her foot.

"Oh," Ford replied. "I'm here for the interview."

The woman looked him up and down and exchanged glances with a passing waitress before moving from around the podium she had been behind. Without a word or a signal, another woman took her place. Ford followed this woman, whose clipboard had said, "Joan," to the bar. She climbed onto one of the chairs at a table and motioned for Ford to do the same. He figured she meant his own chair but laughed inside thinking about sitting in her lap - and then realized how funny it wasn't.

"Name," she asked, pulling a pen from thin air.

"Uh, Ford McKenie," he answered, his hands on his thighs drumming.

"Uh, Ford McKenie," she asked.

"Ford. McKenie." He corrected himself before gulping down air. "M - C - K - E - N - I - E." It couldn't hurt to spell it out for her. She smiled, thanking him before moving on to harder questions.

"Age," she asked, which should not have been a difficult question. If only Ford felt his age. "Nineteen," he replied.

"Got it," she replied, making a note. "Past work experience?"

"Oh, I answered that on the online application," he pointed out. The young woman who looked more like a mushroom on the incredibly high chair looked up at him, a smug-humoring look on her face. "I worked at a restaurant back in Plymouth. Lone Star, also Outback for a year."

Outback was an out and out lie but Eva had faked being his manager at Outback, apparently glorifying him as her best worker. He was glad they were on good terms - that and, he was glad to be alive. If only his helpful poltergeist could have helped with the interview process.

"Uhuh," she replied, nodding. "What do you think makes you qualified for this job," she asked, tilting her head.

"Besides my -- qualifications?" he asked, sitting up a bit straighter.

"Yes, Prettyboy," she said, rolling her eyes. "You're in an interview. Sort of like, you're selling yourself - sell yourself to me, Ford McKenie."

Ford thought he could hear a hint of flirtation in her voice but decided to completely ignore that and his newfound nickname. He had a feeling if he took this job that he would hear that name a lot more.

"I'm a hard worker," he offered.

"Good," she said, smiling. "Continue," her eyebrow raising.

"I never stop until a job is done and I'm not very clumsy. I'm also personable and punctual." He nodded along to his own list about himself before hitting a blank wall at, 'prophetically dreams' and left that unsaid.

"Look, one of our waiters quit yesterday," she said, setting down her clipboard and folding her hands on the table. "You're more than qualified to host - but we have hosts. If you're open to waiting - and you do well at waiting tables then we'll see about a hosting job. Can you start training today? Are you interested," she asked.

"Yes," Ford replied, nodding.

"OK." Her calm, professional demeanor relaxed as she smiled, revealing a set of pearly whites. "Welcome Aboard, Ford!"

Ford returned her smile with one that was equally white but a lot more strained. His new manager whined and looked like she was Laura Ingalls Wilder's youngest sister. OK, probably second youngest. But he had a job now. Hopping up from the chair, she told Ford to stay there. Ford utilized this time, pulling out his cell phone, texting Eddie back the good news and then texting Eva. He couldn't have done this without her help. He owed her. Probably lunch.

He was now a waiter at Pole.
- Whoever's winning [I don't actually follow like, anything, but if there happens to be a game or match or whatever on I'll cheer for whoever's winning]
- My boyfriend [when he takes out the garbage, when he throws something and it lands in the garbage, when he goes out to accomplish something, anytime really, he's worth cheer enough]
- My ridiculously helpful ghost who's decided our cohabitation doesn't suck
- Snow [it's beautiful, isn't it?]
- Obama [I think I cheered for Obama]
- Sleep [love sleep]

CT l 50.3 - Joey Tribbiani quote

[Joey Tribbiani: "Why do you have to break up with her? Be a man. Just stop calling."

-- Friends]

"There's a lot of good about Eddie," Ford said, a smile on his face as his words formed. "But, one of the really good things has to be that he's a guy -- in a lot of ways, save for the whole, emotionally stunted way. He has this...humor to him. Not exactly dry and not straight forward either. And he talks to me. Actually talks." Taking a breath, Ford took a sip of water before setting his glass down. "And thanks for the water. Anyway," he continued. "What happened with Eddie and I...More like, what didn't happen was on account of me. I left. Twice. In my defense, we had had sex twice in high school and neither time seemed all that special."

"Did you have sex with a lot of men back then?" the therapist asked, pen to clipboard. Ford was always wary of what he said in therapy but he knew there was patient/doctor confidentiality and that usually was enough for him.

"No," he replied, a little offended. "Honestly. Only him. Twice. But he was 'straight,'" he said, using air quotes. "You know how it is."

"And you, Ford?"

"And me, what?" he asked, turning his head slowly.

"And you. Were you 'straight' back then?" she asked, as if air quotes had actually been used. But she wasn't the air quotes type it seemed.

"I had a girlfriend who broke up with me junior year." She seemed to take not of this, literally, as her pen started to move. "But, I'm gay. Or - bi - but, that's not the point. You weren't there. You can't understand. It's not like I knew that I loved Eddie back then. I had deep feelings, he was my best friend at one time."

"And he's not your best friend now?"

"No, he is. I mean, then. After he - I got committed. For a Summer. It wasn't really great for my social life," he said, sighing. "But, can we focus on the quote? That's what this is about. The quote. So, I'm reacting to the quote."


"Fine. So, my point before. My point is that Eddie, while being a guy, doesn't act like the typical straight, macho, hide my feelings type guy." He paused, eyebrows raised. "Aren't you going to write something down?"

"Excuse me?"

"You wrote something down when I talked about high school and now your pen isn't moving. It's on the page. You're not even attempting to write."

"Well--" she started.

"It's like you're not listening."

"I am."

"I know," he replied, as if offended by the idea that she would think Ford didn't know that. "Anyway, I love Eddie and Eddie is a good boyfriend. There. That's my point." The therapist nodded, breathing in a sigh as her lips curled up into a very slight grin. "I'm ... gonna' go," Ford finally said, a little annoyed. "...Thanks."

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