"And two syllables is cake...

...You try telling people you prophetically dream."

Ford McKenie
10 April 1989
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Committed when he was seventeen, the Summer between his Junior and Senior years, Ford learned to hide his psychic abilities in order to leave the Norfolk Psychiatric Facility. After having a vision of the tragedy, Ford couldn't stop his father from dying in a house fire that October. Practically run out of a small town in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Ford McKenie ended up in Searchlight, Nevada where he met Baileigh Solis and learned that not only were there witches and Slayers, but there were vampires and demons as well. Soon, he moved on, ending up in New York. Here, he met Eva Brooks. The bisexual wayward psychic kindled a relationship with her but a month in, he received a vision showing his ex-girlfriend Amy dying in a fire. Wrestling with the decision, Ford ended up leaving New York and heading back to his hometown. While there, he managed to end his ex-girlfriend's engagement as well as save her in a fire that only took six months to occur, stemming unfortunately from Ford's actions. Leaving shortly after, Ford found himself back in New York. Eva did not act kindly too him and went so far as telling him to stay away. Soon after his arrival, his best friend, Eddie Forbes followed. While in Plymouth, Ford had rekindled a long-burning flame with his ex best friend who at the time had been dating Amy, his ex.

l Now, Ford is navigating the tumultuous relationships he left behind as well as trying to maintain the one he ran away from.

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>Not Ford McKenie. Not Justin Hartley. This is for fun. Not real. Don't sue.
Written by Mr_likestofight.

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